Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my car need a re-gas or repair?

I can tell you on the phone in 5 minutes.

How long does a re-gas take?

20 minutes on average.

How often should I service or re-gas my car air conditioning?

It should be regassed, get a new receiver dryer and oil fitted every 24 months or minimum 20,000kms according to most vehicle manufacturers.

How often should I run the car air conditioning in my car?

Every week to lubricate the shaft seals and reduce leakage.

Why does my car air-conditioning run low on refrigerant?

Pipes and connections can leak and shaft seals, evaporators and condensers can lose pressure if the alloy is porous.

How long does a re-gas last?

It depends on the rate of product loss your car has.  It may only lose 10% refrigerant per year.  I can assess your car and tell you exactly how long a re-gas will last.

If I’ve had my car regularly serviced, does that mean the air-conditioning has been serviced as well?

No! not unless specifically requested by the customer.

I own an older vehicle running the old refrigerant, can it be serviced and regassed?

Absolutely.  We carry the older product R12 and the newer product R134A.  We can also retro fit your older car to the new ozone friendly products which is R134A.

My air-conditioning smells funny, can this be fixed?

Yes.  We have a range of products to clean and deoderise your air-conditioning.

Do you have a loan car if I want my vehicle fixed or services?

Yes. Booking ahead is essential as the summer period is very busy.